Femke Juffermans (1998)
As a Dutch image maker, I grew up between the city and the countryside. Though I learned to understand both sides, I felt like an outsider, not fitting in at either place.

This part of my upbringing, and the feeling it came with, has a big influence on my photography. The city and countryside are so close together, yet there is a gap in between. You can distinguish these worlds by their pace of time. I live and aim for these contradictions in my work. For instance, mixing moods, visions or methodologies. Visually my work has a mysterious, cinematographic and colourful atmosphere, where nature and the modern world meet.​​​​​​​

2017 - Present | BA Photography, Royal Academy of Art in The Hague
2014 - 2017 | Photography, University of applied photography in Amsterdam
+316 2020 6772
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