The hidden force behind sustainability
The hidden force behind sustainability is a photo serie in which eight female founders of Amsterdam based sustainable companies are portrayed. The photo serie is about the appearance of sustainable forces within local and global entrepreneurship. I visited these women, while they were working, at a place that inspires them. Doing so, I got to know these founders a little bit better.This photo serie puts a spotlight on the hidden force, the people behind the product or service, instead of the product or service itself.During these visits I witnessed how change is made by creating products and venues from a sustainable condemning point of view. This was 8/8 times also a female point of view.
"Art with a capital A is, and should be accessible to all. It is important that the depositories of museums worldwide, but first of all in Amsterdam, are opened up as much as possible and that everyone has access to them. Because everything that is in those depositories belongs to all of us."

Marian Duff from OSCAM
"During our shoots we are making sure that we recycle. We are really conscious about how we use and re-use stuff. We also educate people about sustainability and how they can prevent food waste.

Location : Hannah’s - It is about moving away from the individual and moving towards the group and connect. We obviously have a society that is made up of a huge diversity of people. It feels fantastic making sure that people with impairments are given opportunities to work in mainstream society. This beautiful place leaves nobody behind!"

Lelani Lewis Wood & Nerissa Haak from Whisk Food Studio
"We still live in a patriarchy. We need women, otherwise things will go the wrong way. Our strength lies in our feminine qualities. It's okay to care, it's okay to be vulnerable, it's okay to have and show emotions. I think it's also a piece of diversity. When you talk about sustainability and people with diversity, we also need diverse group of people."
 Desirée Domacassé from Femmegetic
"The idea of the Weaving Centre is to bring people from different villages in Ghana together as a collective to learn from each other. The young people there come from school to practise in the Weaving Centre, so they can get in touch with the craft and earn some extra money. I hope to be able to work together with various small parties and grow in the long term."

Prisca Akua Kwaning from The Kind Label
"There are so many challenges in our society, but if you look out of love at what you do in your environment, you will automat-ically become more sustainable without it having to be some kind of punishment."

Maxime Rozestraten from Yamba Health

"Everything has an impact and you need to somehow take things from your own garden. So I think in general you have to be conscious, so if you want to have the best milk, go for soy or oat milk. If you look at the carbon footprint, land and water use, they have the lowest impact. And when you start with such a healthy meal in the morning, you really do good for your body. So I want to help people on their journey to wellbeing and to enjoy food."

Isabel Zaph from Z-ora
"I give people acces to challenge the way that they view nature. People want nature so bad but still disconnect from it, I help people to become more able to use their intuition, feelings and emotions just like they would’ve approached a lot of things in their life. Like they do with their plants, it’s not just like: ‘eat water Wednesday’ it’s not supposed to be like a robot or something, that’s just not how nature actually works. Not how human nature works."
Monai Nailah McCullough from Plant Mom
Thank you very much for your valuable and inspiring insights Marian Duff, Prisca Akua Kwaning, Isabel Zapf, Monai Nailah McCullough, Desirée Domacassé, Maxime Rozestraten, Lelani Lewis & Nerissa Haak